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Complementary Therapies are a way of complementing what is available through conventional medicine to improve our health and wellbeing. I learned the value of them when I suffered from ME for many years and was cured through complementary therapies.

I started my complementary therapy training in 2005 and am now qualified in 8 different therapies and have been working for over 6 years as a therapist.

The reason that I decided to qualify in a number of different therapies was so that I could use the most appropriate therapy or combination of therapies to suit each person who requires help.

During your first consultation we will discuss your health and and your needs and develop a treatment plan that suits you and your needs best using one or more of the therapies.

The aim of Complementary Therapies is to stimulate the natural healing processes of the human body.

As well as working with problems you already have complementary therapies also work to help stop possible problems developing in the future by correcting imbalances as they occur.

In addition to that, many of the therapies I provide such as aromatherapy massage, reflexology and reiki are of themselves deeply relaxing. Most people who experience these therapies report a feeling of wellbeing, relaxation and stress relief following a treatment and many people choose to have a treatment every 4 to 6 weeks to help to keep them in good health.


David Morris

June 8th

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